Viktoriia Aliko Spreads Herself Nude on the Velvet Floor

Viktoriia Aliko lays wide open hiding her pussy on the velvet floor
Viktoriia spreads herself naked on the velvet floor.

Viktoriia Aliko is an alluring young model from Ukraine. She has a curvy slim figure with skin white as milk in this picture. Here we see her in an art-nude photo set called ‘Velvet‘. Her flawless ivory complexion makes her glow over the luxurious velvet sheets spread beneath her. The red, midnight blue, dark green and royally purple velvet sheets adorn and embellish the smooth, unblemished beauty of Viktoriia’s skin. The nude model bears it all out for us to ogle over. Her lush black hair flows like silk on the velvet sheets.

As if to draw our attention further below, Viktoriia has turned her head to the side and almost submissively closed her eyes. Her perfectly small-sized breasts are on full display and pleasing to look at above a taut midriff, but the center of the photo’s focus is no doubt her hands. As we lose ourselves to the countless fantasies, we are left but to wonder what treasures her hands are shielding from us. It seems like an Eve has walked onto the canvas, lying there open and free to tempt us.

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