Viktoriia Crawls on All Fours in Bed

Viktoriia Aliko crawls and stares at the camera
Viktoriia Aliko crawls on all fours in bed.

This is one of the better works from CÆSAR and Viktoriia Aliko, which we took from the full gallery on his website. Viktoriia crawls on all fours in bed in front of the CÆSAR’s camera. Viktoriia’s blatantly inviting stare and the photographer’s ability to capture her innocent expressions are, but few of the gems this dynamic duo have produced.

Viktoriia Aliko’s poise in finely captured in this photo. At first glance, we can see a portion of her perfectly raised rose-colored ass against the brilliantly white backdrop. Her perfect legs are slightly parted, teasing you with a picture of what you might be missing out on with her. Viktoriia seems oblivious to her nakedness, looking directly into the camera with a girl-next-door look that gets you wondering just what she is hiding. Her perfectly abundant breasts playfully graze the bed with their tender touch.

The greatest impact that Viktoriia, however, is not her well-positioned body or her innocent and fresh looks; it’s her hands. One lies just beneath her head, stringing through silky strands in a way that makes you wish you were there to do it yourself. And the other one, resting lightly on the white sheets, makes you wonder how it would be if she were caressing you just as lightly…